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National Support Centers

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law Legal advocacy for the civil rights and human dignity of people with mental disability

Center for Law and Social Policy

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Founded in 1968 in San Antonio, Texas, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) is the leading nonprofit Latino litigation, advocacy and educational outreach institution in the United States. MALDEF's mission is to foster sound public policies, laws and programs to safeguard the civil rights of the 40 million Latinos living in the United States and to empower the Latino community to fully participate in our society

National Association of Consumer Advocates NACA is a nationwide association of more than 600 attorneys and consumer advocates who have a wide range of experience curbing abusive and predatory business practices and promoting justice for consumers. Has online database of contacts in different consumer areas.

National Center on Youth Law he National Center for Youth Law uses the law to protect children from the harms caused by poverty, and to improve the lives of children living in poverty. Good articles and analyses from newsletters posted online.

National Consumer Law Center National consumer advocacy organization -- advocates on behalf of low income and elderly consumers. Produces consumer law Good source of updates on consumer issues such as predatory lending. Has numerous consumer listservs.

National Economic and Development Law Center We are a multi-disciplinary legal and planning resource center whose mission is to contribute to the abilities of low-income persons and communities to realize their full potential. We do this by collaborating with community organizations to develop integrated community-building skills, indigenous leadership, and community-building creativity in order to build local capacity and achieve greater economic, social, cultural, and human development.

National Employment Law Program NELP has advocated on behalf of the working poor, the unemployed, and other groups that face significant barriers to employment and government systems of support. Good issue papers on employment, unemployment compensation, welfare and low-wage workforce, etc.

National Employment Lawyers Association The National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) was founded in 1985 to provide assistance and support to lawyers in protecting the rights of employees against the greater resources of their employers and the defense bar.

National Fair Housing Advocate Online Has links to legal research, articles, action alerts, etc. on fair housing

National Health Law Program National support center for health law. Publications and issue papers; links and news.

National Housing Law Program National housing law support and advocacy center. Provides legal assistance, advocacy advice and housing expertise to legal services and other attorneys and other attorneys, low income housing advocacy groups and others who serve the poor. Housing Law Bulletin online is searchable.

National Senior Citizen's Law Center The National Senior Citizens Law Center advocates nationwide to promote the independence and well-being of low-income elderly individuals, as well as persons with disabilities, with particular emphasis on women and racial and ethnic minorities. As a national support center, NSCLC advocates through litigation, legislative and agency representation and assistance to attorneys and paralegals in field programs.

National Veterans Legal Services Program NVLSP is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization devoted to increasing national understanding of the plight of America's forgotten veterans and their families while working to support the interest of needy veterans. NVLSP achieves its mission through education, advocacy, and public policy programming, and through active litigation.

Poverty Law Manual for New Lawyers Manual maintained by the National Center on Poverty Law, with contributions from most of the national support centers.

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice Trial Lawyers for Public Justice is a national public interest law firm dedicated to using trial lawyers' skills and resources to create a more just society. TLPJ fights for justice through precedent-setting and socially significant individual and class action litigation designed to enhance consumer and victims' rights, environmental protection and safety, civil rights and civil liberties, workers' rights, America's civil justice system, and the protection of the poor and powerless. Trial Lawyers for Public Justice has special litigation projects that secure access to justice by battling unnecessary secrecy in the courts, mandatory arbitration abuse, federal preemption of injury victims' claims, and class action abuse.

Welfare Law Center The Welfare Law Center advocates with and on behalf of low-income people to get the basic subsistence, justice and fairness to which they are entitled. Includes case developments, issue papers, and links to other resources.


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