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Equal Justice Network Project for the Future of Equal Justice is joint venture of NLADA and CLASP. Its mission is to strengthen and expand the provision of civil legal assistance to low-income people through the collaborative efforts of a community of advocates that includes legal services programs, the private bar, social service and community organizations, law schools, courts, advocacy groups at the state and national levels, and poor people as advocates for themselves.

LSC Resource Library The LSC Resource Library is a web-based project dedicated to sharing innovative practices in civil legal services. The Legal Services Technology Network (LStech) is a national "web portal" that provides access to specially-tailored services and information on technology and legal services. This resource enables nonprofit legal services providers to use cutting-edge technologies to serve clients more effectively and efficiently. The portal is a one-stop resource for information on virtually every aspect of technology and legal services. Resources include information on hardware, software, website development and design, networking, computer assisted legal research, case management systems, technology training, planning and management, technology funding, technology consultant and staff hiring, and many other related topics.



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