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Income Eligibility Requirements

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Income Eligibility
Legal Action's legal representation is restricted to very low-income individuals in an 11-county area in Southeastern Wisconsin. Federal regulations restrict our ability to assist undocumented immigrants, except in cases of domestic violence. (Note: SeniorLAW, a program of Legal Action, gives free benefits assistance to Milwaukee County and Southeastern Wisconsin residents 60 years and older. SeniorLAW's services are free of charge and have no income or asset limits).

Legal Action (other than SeniorLaw) handles cases
for people whose gross income is less than:

Number in Family
Annual Income
Monthly Income
Weekly Income

Persons with assets having a total value in excess of
the maximum asset limitations listed below will
not be eligible for legal assistance from Legal Action:

Number In Family
Asset Limitation

NOTE: None of the following shall be considered as an asset: the principal residence of the person seeking assistance; one vehicle; personal and household effects; work-related equipment or land essential to employment or self-employment; IRS-qualified retirement programs of any type, including IRA, Keogh, pension and profit-sharing plans; assets excluded under the General Assistance, Aid to Families with Dependant Children (AFDC), Medical Assistance, Food Stamp, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs; and the spouse's assets, or jointly held assets, for an applicant who is a victim of domestic violence.

People whose income and assets are higher may still be eligible, but more information will be necessary.

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