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Wisconsin Cuts Thousands from BadgerCare January 1, 2014

If you have received a letter about your BadgerCare eligibility as of January 1, 2014, click for English aqui Español

In 2012 Wisconsin raised the premiums for BadgerCare, its nation-leading health insurance plan for low income adults in Wisconsin. It ended eligibility for parents and caretaker relatives of disabled family members if the family could buy a high deductible/ high co-pay group plan through an employer for less than 9.5 per cent of the family's income. More information onthe 2012 BadgerCare cuts

In 2013 Wisconsin rejected the expansion of Medicaid that the federal government would have financed 100 per cent.

For 2014, Wisconsin is slashing BadgerCare again. Wisconsin is ending Badger Care for adults in households without children, a program sometimes called BadgerCare Core. It is also slashing the eligible income levels for families with children in the household back to the minimum permitted by federal law. The estimates are as high as 92,000 adults will be kicked off.

The notices kicking people off BadgerCare could go out as early as October, 2013, informing insured Wisconsin residents that their BadgerCare insurance is ending. If you get one of those notices, visit the federal Marketplace website to see if you are, in fact, going to be inelgible for BadgerCare and, if so, whether you are eligible for the tax credits to purchase private insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

If you get a letter telling you that your BadgerCare Plus or BadgerCare Plus Core coverage is ending this December because of your income . . . .

  • You may still be eligible for BadgerCare in 2014 because the income counting rules are changing. BadgerCare will not start using the new rules until January 2014.
  • You may be eligible for insurance beginning January 1, 2014 through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The market place will use the new income counting rules beginning October 1, 2013 for insurance to start in January 2014. If you apply for insurance through the Marketplace anytime after October 1, 2013, the Marketplace will use the new rules to decide whether you can keep your BadgerCare in 2014.
  • The federal government has created a Marketplace website since the State of Wisconsin refused to create one. You can apply now through the Marketplace at this website
    or CALL
    1 (800) 318-2596
    TTY: 1 (855) 889-4325

  • If you apply through the Marketplace and the Marketplace decides that you will still be eligible for BadgerCare in 2014, BadgerCare will accept that decision and you will keep your BadgerCare. You will get a letter from BadgerCare telling you that you are still eligible in 2014.
  • If you apply through the Marketplace and the Marketplace decides that you are not eligible for BadgerCare you can enroll for insurance through the Marketplace. The federal government will pay part of your premium. Most people who are now on BadgerCare will also be eligible for limits on co-pays and deductibles.
  • Because the Marketplace will start using the new income rules beginning October 1, 2013, but BadgerCare will not, the best way to tell if you will still be eligible for BadgerCare in January 2014 is to apply through the Marketplace.
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