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W-2, Time Limits and Extensions

Is there a time limit on how long I can receive W-2?

Yes, there is a lifetime limit of 60 months. There is also a 24 month limit on each of the W-2 work placements: trial jobs, community service jobs (CSJ) and transitional jobs (W2-T).

But, you may be able to receive an extension of your time. Read more.

When does a month count towards my time limits?

Any month in which you are eligible for a cash payment from W-2 because you are in a CSJ, W2-T or trial job placement or because you have a child under 12 weeks old. This includes months in which you are sanctioned.

Months in which you are job ready and do not receive a W-2 cash payment or receive only child care, food stamps and/or medical assistance donít count.

Can I receive an extension when I reach my time limits?

Yes, you can receive an extension if you have participated in your W-2 activities and either:

  1. you have looked for a job and cannot find one, or

  2. you have a problem that prevents you from working such as a physical or emotional problem, a learning disorder, a sick or disabled child or partner, a child with behavior problems, you are homeless or you are the victim of domestic violence.

What if I have a baby after I reach my time limits?

You can receive benefits until the baby is 12 weeks old. An extension is not necessary.

How do I receive an extension?

You should ask your W-2 worker for one.

Can I return to W-2 for help if I have already reached my time limits?

Yes, you can return to the W-2 program at anytime if you cannot find a job or you are unable to work. When you return, ask for an extension.

What can I do if my worker says I cannot get an extension?

You have the right to appeal your workerís decision. You can request a hearing known as a factfinding at the W-2 agency. You have 45 days to request a hearing after you receive notice of your workerís decision. You must request a factfinding within that time or you lose your right to do so. The factfinding should be scheduled within 5 days of your request. At the factfinding you can explain why you think you are eligible for an extension.

For more information or help contact Legal Action of Wisconsin at 278-7722. You can also come in to our office for help with W-2 problems during intake hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m.

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