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Because health care is so expensive, it is very important that you have health insurance to help you pay for it. If you have health insurance, it is more likely that your family will get health care and be healthy. Medicaid is a health insurance program for low-income persons. 

Today, for many people, the way their families get health care has changed. This change is known as managed care. The most common type of managed care program is a Health Maintenance Organization or an HMO. HMOs help the government lower the cost of providing health care. HMOs change the focus of health care from treating people only when they get sick, to trying to keep them healthy. 

If you are enrolled in an HMO, you are not allowed to go to any doctor or hospital you choose. You will have to choose from the doctors and hospitals that are part of the HMO plan. Your doctor and the HMO will decide how much care you need, and how you get that care. Most Medicaid recipients in Wisconsin have to be enrolled in HMOs. 

Since the way families receive health care has changed so much, it is important for parents to be advocates for their family’s health. Parents need to be able to get their children the health care services they need without trouble. This Healthy Family website will try to inform parents about their rights before and after entering into this new health care system, which will be referred to as a Medicaid-HMO.

Hi, my name is Jeremy and this is my friend, Mike. We are here to help guide parents through this Healthy Family website. You can start out by clicking on one of the sections listed here.
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