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A Thinking Guide to Inclusive Child Care This 51 page pdf file format was written in February 2008 by Mark Sweet, PhD and posted by Disability Rights Wisconsin, Inc., an advocacy public interest law firm in Wisconsin concentrating on the rights of disabled persons.

For Related information on 2007 Changes in Child Care Record Keeping Rules Click here

Legal Action of Wisconsin Report on Milwaukee's Housing Crisis: Foreclosures, Evictions, and Subprime Lending This 33 page pdf file was written in July 2007 by John Pawsarat and Lois Quinn of the Employment and Training Institute, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and posted by Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc., a public interest law firm representing concentrating on representing low-income clients in Wisconsin.

Legal Action of Wisconsin Report on Mortgage Lending Practices in Milwaukee County, Part Two, expands on the first report and identifies the major lenders in the subprime lending market in Milwaukee County.

Homeless in Milwaukee, a point in time survey on January 25, 2007, conducted by the Continuum of Care for Milwaukee County.

The Tenant Source Book Revised
For more than two decades The Tenant Sourcebook has been the standard reference source for tenants and their advocates on housing law in Wisconsin. Updated and Revised in March 2009 by Attorney Korey Lundin of the Madison Office of Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. this new version includes the new law requiring that in foreclosure actions the tenant be given notice. Click to View

Hang Up on Badger Care Plus Phone Scams

Insurance scammers are out there. Beware. Hang-up if someone calls trying to sell BadgerCare.

Wisconsin's BadgerCare program is provided through a federal law. It provides health care coverage through a combination of federal and state tax dollars.

There is a telephone scam going on. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported on April 7, 2014, that BadgerCare Plus members in the Fox Valley were told that they were eligible for a $200 stipend from the state and were asked for their bank account information in order to make the deposit.

That is a scam. There is no "stipend" for BadgerCare members. Hang up!

The State reports that when the call recipients refused to turn over banking information, the calls were disconnected.

This scam might switch to an "ObamaCare" scam. The Affordable Care Act does not provide a "stipend" either. The Affordable Care Act does provide help with insurance premiums to make coverage affordable, but no one legitimately associated with ObamaCare will call you with such an offer.

If YOU want to find out about ObamaCare,

call the official telephone number: 1-(800) 318-2596 or visit the now working website

Rights of Victims of Identity Theft in Criminal Background Reports Contrasted

The NBC affiliate in Chicago has contrasted the disparity of legal remedies available to victims of identity theft in criminal background checks. In one case, from Illinois, the victim was able to use a federal law covering consumer reporting agencies to obtain a monetary settlement that will provide a significant incentive to stop the circulating of incorrect criminal background check reports. By contrast, the Wisconsin case, which involves criminal background reports produced by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, has no such remedy.

View more videos at:

Wisconsin Appellate Courts Require Hearing in Wrongfully Terminated Day Care License Cases

In 2009, in its haste to "do something" about newspaper reports of fraud in the child care program, the Wisconsin legislature an ambiguous statute. The new law permanently disqualifies people who have been convicted of a crime involving "fraudulent activity" by a participant in any one of many, specifically listed, public assistance programs. One of the people swept up in that statute asked for an administrative hearing to prove that the new law did not apply to her. The Department of Workforce Development convinced an administrative law judge that she was not even entitled to be heard on whether the new law applied to her.

On February 7, 2012, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals reversed the administrative law judge and remanded the case for a hearing. Calling the State's position "troubling," especially given the harsh consequences of the ambiguous new law, the Court of Appeals held that the state could not conclude without a hearing that the new law applied. Click here to read the opinion

The Wisconsin Attorney General appealed. On January 13, 2013, the Wisconsin Supreme Court affirmed the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Jamerson v. Department of Children and Families. Three months later, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, applied Jamerson. In Blake v. Racine County Human Services Dept., 3013 WI APP 45 that evidence beyond the criminal complaint is required to establish both "fraudulent activity" and that the activity was by a participant in one of the listed public benefits programs.

Access to Health Care in Wisconsin

The Pathway Plan: Setting the Course Toward Universal Health Care in Wisconsin

Medicare & You 2009

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